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My bit for a healthier 2018 for all the clients

It’s the middle of February and this is the time for us to take a reality check of our New Year Resolutions. Many of us make resolutions of eating healthy and living a better life. I’ve always believed in healthy living and of course, I made my resolutions too.

railsfactory-wishin-clients-healthier-2018I remember my childhood days when we would eat a lot of seasonal produce without any worries. Today, we can’t imagine picking any item from the store without thinking about the number of pesticides or loads of other contaminants that are making their way into our stomachs.

Doug Larson, a columnist and editor for the Door County Advocate once said, “Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” I could see the humour as well as the truth in it.

My interest in leading a healthier life started shortly after that. I started exercising and eating healthier. I also started stocking my food basket with more healthy superfoods. After a while I realized stuffing your cart with all the superfoods is not the answer. You need to start eating the foods you grew up with. You need to bring back those familiar tastes and smells back into your house.

And, that’s how my interest in farms grew. I started visiting organic farms and picking up on the best farming practices, which manage the land in ways that work with natural systems rather than trying to dominate or change them. Over a period of time in my interactions, I also realized how many people are interested in such activities.

I recently attended a Food Forest Workshop at Vaksana Farms, a 13-acre farm in the remote village of Rettanai. I was able to connect with fellow participants who shared my love for a simple and healthy living.  It reignited my love for farming and it seeded ideas of how I can develop our own ancestral land in my village in rural Tamilnadu.

It was in this workshop that I got closer to my New Year’s goal of doing something different for my clients. In 2018, I wished health and prosperity for all my clients by planting dedicated fruit saplings for each of them in the Food Forest. To all the most talented and nicest people I’ve had the fortune of working with, their contribution towards our Planet Earth will always be remembered as those trees blossom and bear fruits.

Here’s to a healthier and happier 2018!

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