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If there is one thing that is constant about web designing, it is that “Nothing is permanent except change.”  New and new designs are flooding the ever-evolving market for web designing every year. What may be a good design today may lose its uniqueness within six months. Web designing has progressed immensely through the years as newer features are added for developers to use, some of them including the option of infinite scrolling, banners, social media integration and so on.

Here are the top four web designs that are shaping the future of designing.

web-design-trends-for-the-futureReliance on Geometric Designs

Flatbed designs were the past, they have moved out to create space for the much sought after geometric designs, shapes, patterns, and texts. As the designs are using shapes such as a hexagon, squares, and triangles which are difficult to replicate, it makes almost all designs look unique. In fact, geometric designs across homepage help make homepages look very distinctive aesthetically.

Videos and Animated Graphics

Till early 2017, large full-size images made the cut for building the near perfect website – but not anymore. The future is of video landing pages and animated graphics which include having integrated gifs to the websites. Today, users no longer settle for ‘in-your-face’ effects, they expect transitions to be effortless. Plus, these small effects make great contrasting elements with existing content on the pages.

Bots are the way ahead

Enough of the boring bots. The future calls for interactive and a more personalized website experience by having smarter bots to help you through the way. Bots, today, react more “like humans” by giving out personal advice based on the user’s age, preferences, geography etc. Not only does this aspect help make the conversation fun and not-machine like, it also is a great marketing tool.

Virtual Reality

While virtual reality has always been something associated with video games, however, VR has actually found a place on websites now. Many major organizations are already working on APIs that are designed to help virtual reality transition to the web. An example can be real estate tours for a website that sells real estate. With user experience reaching a new level with VR, it is only some more time till this innovation become mainstream.

There are tens and hundreds of major/ minor trends that are continuously changing how websites are built today. If there is one main takeaway from all those trends, it is that ‘websites are taking a more proactive role towards user needs’. At RailsFactory we face this daunting task of giving users an exceptional web experience every single day. If you want to know how your website can provide a unique experience to users, get in touch with us. Our amazing and super friendly support team is always ready to share their experience.

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