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Test your Startup’s Success Quotient with a Fun Game

Paramapadham or better known as Snakes and Ladders in English is a game believed to be originated in ancient India before 1892. Also known as Parama Pada Sopanam, meaning ‘Steps to the Highest Place,’ the game was inspired by religion. The ladders represent virtues and the snakes represent vices.

The game has been a great learning tool ever since. It has a simple premise: roll the dice and climb ladders to the top, depending on what you get. But the dice can also work against you, slithering you down on the snakes’ back right to the bottom.

Learnings and preparation definitely help in life, but sometimes the dice don’t roll your way. It may not be your decision at all as things can get out of your control. But the learning is to keep ideating and validating at each stage.

startup-sucess-quotient-assessment-sheetRailsFactory’s take on the game

Our team took this age-old concept and transformed it into a fun game with steps all along to help a startup test its success quotient. We first presented this combination of Parampadham with the contemporary agile development of apps for startups at this year’s TechSparks event held in Bengaluru in September.

We took the simple game of snakes & ladders and offered a simple premise: roll the dice. If all conditions are in your favour climb up the ladder; if one factor isn’t right, descend from the snake to the bottom, go back to the drawing board, ideate and validate your strategy and bounce back in the game.

How does the game help startups?

Using the concept of app development, we presented a set of do’s and don’ts for the startups. This is an engineering perspective on a startup journey.

Here, the ladder signifies a smooth process flow. Unlike the traditional game, it doesn’t mean you’re jumping 10 or 20 steps right to the top. The snake represents setbacks; this could be a unit of time – days, weeks or months. It’s best understood as a cost and efforts escalation.

The startup journey is mapped between two stages – start and end of the sprint, and touches upon infrastructure setup and development best practices; all within a timespan of 180 days.

Each snake or setback is mapped to a particular guiding tool. Similarly, most of the ladders are mapped to specific stages in the app development process such as iteration, validation, etc.

Let us be your guide

Though the game is a fun way to test your startup’s development success quotient, we’re quite serious about our craft, which is helping startups explore new revenue streams through agile apps.

We have an extensive experience (10 years and counting!) in application development and have built over 500 apps for various enterprises & startups (all up and running!).

We invite you to visit our site and read through all our exciting projects and success stories. If something excites you, we’re always a call or message away.

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