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Startups, go Mobile!

Asking anyone for marketing advice early in the web 2.0 era would inevitably evoke the response “Get a website”. Today that has changed to “Get an app”, and for good reason. Getting a mobile app is not something young businesses should earmark for the future. The time is here and now. The following statistics tell us why:

  • An average Indian Smartphone user spends about 160 minutes on an average of 11 mobile apps a day*
  • Indians spend 7 times more time on smartphones than on television**
  • Mobile apps account for 57% of all digital media usage, and Smartphone apps alone capture more than half of time spent on digital media in the USA ***

startups-go-mobileThe launch of several low priced smartphones coupled with the introduction of dirt cheap data prices by Reliance Jio in India has dramatically altered the Smartphone usage patterns of consumers. Mobile phone penetration and usage now are far greater than it was ever before. Similarly, in the USA, mobile app usage continues to increase — with the time spent being 20% more than what it was the previous year. For startups, this is a huge opportunity in many ways.

Interacting with customers through a medium they prefer

Clearly, the stats point out to the fact that people are spending more time on mobile apps. Startups should capitalize on this habit by creating apps that are pretty, user-friendly and memorable. The help desk or messaging feature in apps can engage customers who are more comfortable in texting than calling a customer care number. Customers have a latent demand for mobile apps — it is something they need but do not realize it until they use it.

Making a mark in the plethora of brands

Like it or not, a well designed mobile app gives a certain amount of credibility to the business. There is no dearth of businesses around us and the ones which have a dedicated mobile app get an edge over the ones that do not. However, just having an app is not enough. A well-designed app that actually enhances the shopping experience and encourages repeat usage is what builds the brand and creates recognition. Moreover, a mobile app serves as a direct marketing channel — providing important information about products and services that customers seek, right at their fingertips.

Increasing customer loyalty through push notifications

“Remind them, and remind them again.” When it comes to reminding customers about promotional offers and updates, nothing works better than personalized push notifications. This keeps them “in touch” with your brand and makes sure that the offers you create are actually communicated to them. This is important because consumers these days are flooded with information in the form of TV ads, print media, radio, billboards, etc and a push notification communicates with them through a medium they can’t ignore. By the way, did we tell you that a study by Localytics found that 52% of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices? Isn’t that great?

A mobile app that is platform friendly and interactive is a sure shot way to increase your brand presence. There are hundreds of examples where companies registered solid growth by taking a mobile-first strategy.

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*** The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report

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