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Whether you are starting your web venture and searching about the top Ruby On Rails Development Company in USA, RailsFactory can be the answer to all your development woes.


Over the years RailsFactory has become deeply emerged in the RoR Ecosystem. RailsFactory is an IT Consulting, System Integration and Software Services company, focused on delivering World Class solutions since 2006. With an extensive RoR consulting centre in California, we have been delivering a broad range of Ruby on Rails development services from process review, cloud deployment to consulting and migration. Using a collaborative and delivery-oriented approach to all the projects, the RoR team in California brings exquisite visuals, intuitive designs, transparent business practices, cost effective solutions to SMBs and Enterprise clients.

Services RailsFactory Offers

Specializing in building rich and customized mobile apps using Ruby on Rails, RailsFactory provides a wide spectrum of services.

  • Ruby on Rails Application Development: From conceptualization, quality assurance to development, we cover the entire application development cycle without any hassle.
  • Ruby on Rails Mobile Development: We use many RoR Platforms including RubyMotion, Sencha Touch, Ionic, Apache Cordova, Xamarin, NativeScript, Android Studio, Firebase, and Kony to build custom mobile applications that are stunning, secure, and scalable to ensure flexibility and faster delivery.
  • ROR Optimisation and Integration: We use few gems such as Traceroute, Rack-Mini-Profiler, Bullet, Brakeman, Deadweight, and Rubocop to keep your code maintainable, secure and optimized. Our developers leverage high-end usability and functionality for creating new RoR models, making them customized according to your business needs.
  • Ruby on Rails Migration Services: Migrating legacy content is easy with RailsFactory. Get a full planning, support and technical implementation system for migrating data to new systems seamlessly. We can help you evolve your database schema over time using an easy Ruby DSL. We provide micro services to re-architect your website/app, thus making it more scalable and perform migration in no time.
  • Ruby on Rails Quality Assurance: The RoR team ensures rigorous testing and 360° quality analysis for delivering you a flawless app and seamless experience. From frontend UI testing to backend data validation, we deliver testing services that covers the entire architecture of a web applications including cloud based solutions, CMS, SaaS and many more. At RailsFactory, we use Rspec, Selenium-webdriver gem to perform full end-to-end testing of rails applications.
  • Ruby on Rails Development and Maintenance of Existing Apps: At RailsFactory, we work on Rails application running on the latest version. Upgrade your existing ruby on rails website and apps to the latest version for simplifying the daily operation and reduce costs. We follow best development practices and seamless maintenance process to understand existing architecture.
  • Ruby on Rails CMS Development: Get a hold of your content, create a shared environment and boost efficiency using the various CMS platforms like Radiant CMS, Camaleon CMS, Locomotive CMS, etc. Our RoR experts can help you integrate powerful content maintenance features into your website hassle-free.
  • Ruby on Rails eCommerce Applications: We build beautiful, scalable and user-friendly stores using eCommerce platforms such as Spree Commerce, Shopify. Rails helps to make an eCommerce app functional and look sleek. The pre-built conventions and large library of gems fast tracks the creation period. Rails is known for its simple code, compact and this is what makes the RoR apps maintenance easy.
  • Ruby on Rails Infrastructure: From prototype to a production ready, get a robust Ruby on Rails infrastructure for your next project. We can help you with design, provisioning and maintenance of infrastructure based on your configuration choices. Combining practices of CICD, and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and Docker, our developers can assist you in automating application deployment, scaling, and management of apps in a distributed architecture..

Why Hire RoR Developers from RailsFactory?

As they say “Experience never gets out of fashion”, true it is! Apart from being one of the foremost IT solution providers, RailsFactory is also client friendly, meaning that we are ready to walk the extra mile if a client is in need. There are a lot more than seven reasons as to why RailsFactory is the place to kick-start your digital dreams!

  • Strong RoR Expertise: Be it for large enterprises or startups, RailsFactory has a 50+ development team specialized exclusively in building super awesome apps and splendid UI/UX designs using RoR. We have been offering 13 years of business centric tech expertise for RoR applications and website development.
  • Dedicated RoR nearshore/onsite dev centres in the US and Canada: We have dedicated RoR onsite development centres in the US and Canada to cater distinct business demands.
  • More than 500+ Projects across multiple domains: We maintain the versatile RoR expertise required to handle comprehensive delivery of large scale, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Clienteles across different geographies: We deliver technology-enabled services and solutions to clients across domestic and international geographies.
  • Planned development process: Our team plan work in Sprints. All the work is put in a project management tool and is communicated on a regular basis on IM like Slack.
  • Regional development support: As part of our culture of innovation, RailsFactory RoR team enables constant development support right from the planning to delivery phase. Using unique cross industry experience, we offer solutions to clients in multiple locations, including Chicago, Orange County, California, Bay Area, New York, Washington DC, and much more.

See What’s New in our Robust Engagement Model

RailsFactory follows a robust and powerful engagement model for delivering effective offshore experience and attend diverse needs of the global clients. The engagement model is centred towards fulfilling the customer’s innate needs including delivering high quality products, low cost, and higher project profitability. Our development methodology and flexible engagement model offers cost-effective resources dedicatedly working for your project .

Guess what, from UI designers, UX developers to RoR Experts and DevOps Specialists – we have the best full stack engineers to support all your onsite and offshore development and business needs.

Isn’t it amazing to have all your development queries and woes addressed by one platform on a go, rather than moving from place to place and spending tens of thousands of dollars only to get disappointed in the end. If you are looking to hire developers from the best Ruby On Rails Development Company in USA, get started with our RoR specialist team in California to address your concerns right away. From ideation to market launch, you can count on RailsFactory.

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