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Ruby Developers! Happy Developers!

Welcome to the world of happy programming. Yes, programming in Ruby is lot of fun and more importantly it allows you to focus on the solution. It has simple yet powerful object model which helps the developer to take more control of the environment. Here is what Matz has to say about Ruby development,

For me, the purpose of life is, at least partly, to have joy. Programmers often feel joy when they can concentrate on the creative side of programming, so Ruby is designed to make programmers happy. I consider a programming language as a user interface, so it should follow the principles of user interface – Yukihiro Matsumoto

RailsFactory and Ruby Developers

As application development on Ruby on Rails is always exciting and the turnaround time is very fast, we never fail to fascinate our clients with quick and quality deliverables. We have developed variety of applications that range from simple social networking applications to complex file transcoding and streaming applications.

Having been in the technology space from early 2005, we play around with Ruby on a day to day basis. With our team strength of 150 and the experience of over 7 years in ruby on rails, we recently crossed the 1-Million development hour’s mark in Dec-2012. This makes us the most experienced ruby on rails team in the world. We have handled problems of all types and provided a successful fix that includes the memory leak issue. Having bench marked the RPS (Request Per Second) at 400, we helped applications scale both Vertical and Horizontal.

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