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Reading Roundup – 10 RoR Articles That’ll Make You A Rails Hero

reading-roundup-ror-july16It is exciting times for ruby on rails aficionados and programmers. From railsconf 2016 to the release of Rails 5.0 we have been catching up with the latest updates in ruby and rails. Our top 10 reading list is rounded up for your reference. We sincerely hope it helps you as much as it helped us.

Rails 5.0: Action Cable, API mode, and so much more – rubyonrails.org

After 4 betas and 2 release candidates, rails 5.0 is here. Action Cable and API mode have excited us enough that we are playing with them right now. You should check the official announcement (if you have not done already, which we doubt)

RailsConf 2016 – Kansas City, MO  – All Videos – Confreaks/YouTube

RailsConf_2016_-_Opening_Keynote_-_Jeremy_Daer_-_YouTube_?-originalSome of you might have missed attending the ever impressive railsconf 2016 at the Kansas City convention center. Worry not. All the conference talks have been captured and captioned for your reference and leisure viewing pleasure. We are pretty sure that you will like the opening keynote from Jeremy Daer. We loved it.

Creating Rails 5 API only application following JSON: API specification – www.simplify.ba

Creating Rails 5 API only application following JSON API specification-1One of the most exciting features of Rails 5 is its API mode which allows you to build lightweight application serving only the API data. This article describes in detail how to create an API only application using Rails 5 following the JSON: API specifications.

Deliver the Mail with Amazon SES and Rails – Sarmad Sabih / www.sitepoint.com

Amazon SES on EC2 allows you to send up to 62000 free emails per month. This post will walk you through setting up the Rails app on EC2 to do the same. We believe this would help someone who wants to send transactional emails and marketing messages to their customers without burning much cash.

7 Steps to Being a Better Rails Developerbenroux.me

7 Steps to Being a Better Rails DeveloperIf you are like us, you would be sharpening your skills and understandings to become a better developer every day. This post helps the rails developers who learned web development through Rails to become better at what they do.

23 Years of Ruby with Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto – Changelog.com

23 Years of Ruby with Yukihiro (Matz) MatsumotoFor the love of Ruby, you should listen to this fantastic interview with Matz where he talks about the origins of ruby, the history, and the future. It gives a good look at how (programming) languages are born and grow. 23 years of wisdom from Matz is something you would not want to miss.

Testing a Rails Project Structure, Dependencies, and More – Scott Ringwelski / joinhandshake.com

For bigger development teams, it is important to test the project structure and dependency management. Handshake team explains the importance with an example in this post.

A Pragmatic Approach to Building Ruby/Rails Apps Quickly with Quality Code – www.codelitt.com

At the age of apps delivered or built at an astronomical speed, code quality takes the back seat and biggest hit. Codelitt explains in this article how they took the pragmatic approach that helped them to maintain the best practices, avoiding future headaches without compromising on the speed.

A Six-Pronged Rails Performance Philosophy – Sudara / scoutapp.com

Scoutapp comes up with the list of the ‘behavioral’ prerequisites for rails teams that will help any Rails team to maintain a robust and performant rails app. As a company putting the priority to building performance apps, we highly recommend this.

Scaling Up Rails Applications With PostgreSQL Table Partitioning – Part 1 & Part 2 – Karol Galanciak / karolgalanciak.com

You would’ve been there and heard it. Databases are the bottleneck of many web applications. As data size grows dramatically with time and in several years time, the database can become a bottleneck. Karol Galanciak explains how to use his secret weapon ‘ table partitioning to make your database performance great again in this two-parter.

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