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RailsFactory @Techsparks – Action Event on #Startups

Man oh man, what a day it has been so far in Bengaluru. TechSparks, a whirlwind event that dove head first into the world of Indian startups, kicked off with a bang today. The two-day event is expected to bring in a lot of action on the startups, with conversations and ideas flowing freely around a number of areas, including financial technology, e-commerce, fashion, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

The event started with a very entertaining and inspiring keynote by Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aaayog, who re-emphasized the importance of startups in a business ecosystem: “We are promoting startup ecosystem by removing several hurdles. If you’re able to innovate for India, you will find the innovation for the world’s 7 billion people.” He said that as he speaks 30 Indians are moving from rural to urban India every minute.

amitabh-kant-ceo-niti-aayogThe day is packed with interesting insights from entrepreneurs who fought against all odds to make their startups successful. The panel discussions on “How Fintech is making #DigitalIndia a reality” and “What does it take for an accelerator to succeed in India?” were particularly interesting.

Sanjay Swami, the Indian Technologist & Venture Capitalist, acknowledged the hurdles, but sounded a positive note. “There are USD 600 bn in new market cap opportunity in the next few years. Although there are many hurdles in getting partnership with #Fintechs, esp. banks, once you cross them, there’s so much you can do”:

sanjayMeanwhile, people from different domains have been popping in our booth since morning, making for quite fun and interactive conversations. We’re also giving away a printable Startup Paramapadam,” our unique twist on the fun game of snakes & ladders, through which you can test your startup’s success quotient. An engineering perspective to a startup’s journey, Paramapadam is based on our experience of working with over 300 startups.




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