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Perfection is unattainable; But if we chase it we can catch Excellence!

Perfection is unattainable; But if we chase it we can catch Excellence!

As we start the week energised after a laid back weekend one of the things on priority list is to do a quick retrospective on the strategy behind the whale of changes we are trying to effect within the organization ! Basically its our path of continuous endless pursuit for perfection. The last 2 quarters we have focused our energies on creating competency centers on Mobile application development, Testing domain and our SaaS offering on HCM ” Empwise ” .

We have created clear career path for domain experts in various areas with one of the KRA ‘s (Key Result Area) being Quality as uncompromising goal. Since most of our projects follow Scrum Methodology it becomes very easy to measure quality within teams. One of the tenets that Project Leaders drive within project is defect density on KLOC (per 1000 lines of code).

We believe in project collaboration across distributed teams and effective information sharing is critical on today scenario. So we engage the customer / customer representative from day 1 to be part of the project team to ensure that customer requirements are clearly translated as code after clear validation and documentation. We Look out for project dependencies and define them well in advance. We follow resource and capacity planning in the right time throughout the entire project. We continuously look out for resource crunch areas and bottlenecks in the entire process. We conduct Regular Project Health Review for key stakeholders / management to gain project visibility (Earned value calculation) at various project milestones. We have proper work flows and accountability on the projects that keep the stakeholders informed of the same. Finally we retrospect on lessons learnt and take efforts to benchmark our project experience across the team so that best of practices can be evolved at the specific domain.

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