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Palpandi – Ruby on Rails Whiz

RailsFactory  Star Employees Blog Series

Last time around, we met the coding super girl Dhanuja. This week, we’ll get to know Palpandi, one of our longest-serving employees. Palpandi is the wizard of Ruby on Rails technology. We spoke to him about his journey with the RailsFactory so far. Read on…


1. Where do you hail from?

I’m from Madurai. Also completed my education there.

2. What did you study?

I am an M.Sc. in Computer Science.

3. So, you’re a team leader in RailsFactory. How many people are there on your team?

It depends on the project. Currently, I’m handling 5-6 persons.

4. You joined RailsFactory in 2008. Tell us about your journey here.

I came to Chennai in 2007 and worked for a few small BPOs. Next year, I joined as a fresher for Ruby on Rails and have been here since then.

5. What interested you here? Or taking up Ruby on Rails tech, in particular?

Mainly because of Open Source as it’s so much easy to start as well as secure projects on the platform. Also, I found people here to be quite competent in their work. RailsFactory is the place for Ruby on Rails. And since then, I’ve not shifted technologies because the quantum of work is decent.

6. So, more work has kept you busy and consequently, you’ve gained an expertise in the technology now?

Yes, absolutely.

7. Ruby on Rails itself is like a 13-year-old technology and you’ve spent over nine years on it, which is quite fantastic. How does it feel to be counted among a handful of experts on the tech in let’s say, India?

Yes, I’m very happy about that. Though the technology is over a decade old, still many people don’t know about it. Competition is quite tough and you get a fair share of projects. If I’ve to guess, I’d be among 100 people in India who are experts on this tech.

8. What still excites you about working here?

One main reason is this was the first company, which provided me a job in those difficult days of 2008 when layoffs were the norm. Even though RailsFactory didn’t have any projects for me that time, still I wasn’t laid off for about a year. I was of no benefit to the company for all that time. So, you can say that I’m very emotional about this place that way.

Other contributing factors are a friendly atmosphere and supportive bosses.

9. One of the things is to constantly keep improving yourself so that you become a better developer, a better person, in fact. How do you keep learning?

Learning depends upon the projects assigned to me. Initially, I didn’t have enough to learn. Then after two years, I started taking individual projects. I learned and built on my knowledge to develop individual applications, which gave confidence to my manager in my abilities. Step by step, I continued working on the projects with the same technology and kept learning. Now, I’m strong on both, Android and iOS apps.

10. What’s your leadership style? How do you evaluate yourself as a leader and how do you motivate your team?

I believe in mastering a subject before tackling a practical problem. I guide my team members through the whole process. I give them step-by-step instructions. I’m a very hands-on team lead that way. Also, I know my team members and delegate work as per individual capabilities.

11. What’ve been your most memorable moments with RailsFactory?

There’re so many memories here. I look forward to the annual day celebrations, dinner/lunch outings. Team outings are great too, where you get an opportunity to bond with other colleagues.

12. What’re your hobbies/interests?

I love to watch cricket. I also like to analyze and literally dissect state politics, like the recent salary hike for MLAs.

13. What’re some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Sometimes on few projects, I don’t understand the technicalities. But I keep on reading and trying to find a solution to the challenge.


That was Palpandi for you. We hope you got to know him better. Keep watching this space until we come back next time with one of our other superstars.

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This interview has been edited for clarity.

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