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Our Ping Pong Story…..

Its been a great debate amongst our team on whether we going to have a Ping Pong table in our office recreation room back in Jun 2013. As always there were pros & cons statements exchanged between us for a while. This decision was important for us because we are in a critical junction where we want to do something new for our company associates to make their work life balance better.


Finally it’s a “Go”. We got a brand new Ping PongTable, 4 sets of bats and couple of packets of balls. It was quick to set up a game, requiring simple equipments and accessories.  Initial week was bit slow but a bunch of people using the table all the times. We thought table is not going to be crowded any time soon, but we were proven wrong in a couple of weeks.

DSC01808 20141203_142406

To our surprise we could see a good talent of game from some of the employees, where in a handful of others from both the genders are very much inclined towards learning the game.  We could see the unscheduled informal training session happening on the table where in the people working as a team helping each other in a natural way.

Days moved on and our company anniversary day was on the cards. On eve, fellows wants an internal Ping Pong tournament. HR planned a quick tournament expecting 5-8 teams to register and to close the game in evenings on 1 or 2 days. Again surprise, 12 teams (doubles) and 20+ individuals registered for the tournament. Alas, its huge work on planning for HR and It took 4 days of whole afternoon to complete the tournament.

20141203_142511 DSC01842

There are no expectations and tournaments on the corner.  But we could see the maximum use of PingPong table on breaks and evenings in office now. Getting time on table became tough and we are planning to buy one more table for our employees now.


Now comes the business reason. How this Ping Pongtable helps employees and company:

1) Ping Pong is a game with loads of fun and great physical activity, which helps for the goodness of the employees.

2) There are no barriers to entry and anyone can take up the game in 30 minutes max. It conveys the message to all on “Do Let TRY” new things.

3) Anyone can play Play ping-pong to their own capabilities.  It conveys on the limitations are on mind and to break with vision.

4) Meet new people & new friends, Playing socially may provide an entry into more structured or competitive game. TEAM works, you have to get along with people; thats the message.

5) Fast-paced game with bursts of activity and recovery helps to think on the lines of pushing beyond mental limitations.

6) An awful lot of thinking, planning, and strategising going on out there on the court, all of which helps keep the old grey matter active.

What our Employees think about the game….

Rakesh (Manager-PreSales): “I dont have any prior exp of Ping/pong, All i learnt and know about ping/pong is RF only notable thanks Subbiah and Uvaraj. I enjoy game & its probably the only physical activity I do in days work I guess. Definitely its enjoyable break and helps in incubating fresh thoughts. I think from my experience its equitable to power nap. I would recommend game to new-bees & all to take a shot; its a good exercise fun and increase sharp thinking (At-least in the game)…..”

Shiv (Delivery Manager): “….. I won lots of prize in ping-pong at my old corporate both singles and doubles.The game is a good stress reliever aswell make you active especially after lunch.Ping pong requires good reflex, accuracy and sponteneous energy to play. Also after playing it will not make you tired. So naturally its energy booster….”

Barath (Business Analyst): “…. yes i had played the game previously, but not extensively like now :-)….Pin-Pong – is a game of Mental and Physical fitness, attention and the sheer endurance of you. It will pump your blood and boost up the energy instantly. You will get more breathe at the end of the game to improve the productivity at work… I would recommend the women employees too to take up the game…”

Kalishwaran (System Admin): “…I hadn’t had experience with ping/pong earlier.  But I have an interest to play this game a lot nowadays…..table tennis game helping me with increasing my focus level at work…”

Uthiravel (RoR Expert): “…I don’t have prior experience with ping/pong. Learnt it in recent past and It’s a mind refreshing and mind blowing game. Main success of this game is that, We can finish the game in little while and also it tempts  the healthy competition among the peers. …”

Overall we could see improved productivity, Team togetherness, getting along with anyone and a better physical & mental fitness among our employees whom play the game regularly. GAME is on…on…on….Try out….Challenge yourself….как сделатьwobs.uaзамаскировать постакневладимир мунтян исцелениемаркетинговая стратегия компании примерodessamedia.net

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