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5 Must-Dos for Making Mobile Commerce a Success

Mobile traffic is rising globally, although conventionally, most shoppers have been found to use mobile devices for just conducting product searches and comparisons, not actual shopping. However, rising internet speeds, the greater pushing of mobile apps by retailers, deepening customers’ trust combined with a host of other factors has changed this scenario: 62% of Smartphone users have shopped through their mobile device in the last 6 months. If the predictions made by a Business Insider Intelligence report are right, about 45% of all eCommerce retail sales will happen through a mobile device by 2021.

must-dos-mobile-commerceClearly, mCommerce is yet to reach its full potential and retailers will do all they can to get a larger share of the pie. As competition gets fierce, even the smallest of features can make a big difference to how consumers perceive your mobile app or website.

Deliver a smooth shopping experience

Considering that mobile shoppers are often hard pressed for time, a fast, smooth, error-free and easy to navigate mobile shopping experience is the most fundamental requirement for attracting and retaining mobile customers. Take a customer-first approach to identify all the pain points and work on making them pain-free.

Go responsive

Ultimately, it is about providing ease of use to your customers, whether they shop through a desktop, tablet or Smartphone or using a combination of those devices. A responsive web design ensures that web pages —their text, images and interactive elements — would automatically adjust to the device they are being viewed on. This is extremely important for making shopping fun, seamless and consistent.

Be thoughtful

Love your customers and they’ll love you back. Put thought into different use case scenarios to come up with a solution that’s relevant and valuable. For example, use more video and image content that users can engage with on the go, display contact numbers as text so that they can click to launch a call, autofill details, provide login through multiple sites (Facebook, Google+ etc), tap-friendly design and a smooth checkout. Remember: the cart is where most users leave a mobile website/app.

Implement multiple payment options

One of the main reasons that customers cite for not completing a transaction through a mobile website or app is limited payment options, such as those that require credit card details or net banking credentials. To overcome this problem and target a larger pool of customers, implement wallet based and other mobile payment methods such as Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, PayTM — essentially anything that doesn’t require them to provide information they are reluctant to part with.

Incentivize mobile shopping

If a few tricks are what it takes to get customers faithful to your mobile app, why not wield them? Offer mobile specific discounts, free shipping and promotional offers to lure customers into using your mobile app to complete a purchase.

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