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What is a common thing between Uber, Airbnb, and BYJUs?

They were all start-ups and today hold the most coveted places in their respective industries. If you thought that mobile apps are only for huge corporations, you are mistaken. From start-ups to mid-size businesses to large multinational companies, everyone is eyeing the app based consumer market by following the trends in the mobile app development and embracing an effective mobile app marketing strategy for their brands.

With a billion smartphones in the world and 179 billion mobile apps downloaded every year, mobile app development has become the fastest growing market in the sector. Keeping in mind the strategies for the next few years, we are sharing the key trends that are determining the future of mobile app development in 2017.

Internet of Things and the smartphone revolution

According to leading research firm Gartner, there will be 26 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020 which includes everything from domestic appliances to toys. All these things will communicate through an app which would connect everything. The Smartphone is set to work as the remote control for the future connected devices, analyzing, displaying and monitoring all things.

Cross-Platform Development

An important thing going around in the technology circles is that apps are no longer limited to a single platform and no amount of quality input would justify developing apps for a single platform. Analysts predict that Android will always rule platform business and have maximum users on it and iOS will always rule the high-end app market, hence it would be suicidal to make an app thats that support only a single platform. Hybrid apps will see a rise considering the evolution of HTML5.

Apps for Enterprises v/s the Apps for Individuals

Since the last few years, the focus of app developers has been on the individual app market. Not many organizations were focusing on developing apps for enterprises. But that is bound to change. With the more and more acceptance of apps in the life of people, apps are finding a place in the business life as well. Enterprises have understood the importance of apps and embracing the change by investing more on these to get new customers.

Apps focusing on Location

A growing trend that has caught up in the last few years is location-based apps. Today people turn to apps for everything from buying groceries to haling a cab. Apps have made the life of people as simple as a click of a button. As more and more apps are understanding the potential that location-based services apps have, the investment by enterprises in this sector is bound to grow.

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Cloud Computing is the way forward

Gone are the days when companies used to charge exuberant prices for a 1GB space in the cloud. With advancements in technology, the prices of space in cloud and cloud computing as a whole have dropped significantly. Recent examples can be of Google giving 15GB free space to every email holder and Microsoft giving 1TB free space to everyone who buys an MS Office package. Space is no consideration now, so an increased number of apps will follow this path and provide solutions in this space.

Mobile Security

Smartphones have become the lifeline of people, from students to business professionals. With all day to day activity managed by smartphones, it has become all the more important to keep the smartphones and smartphone data safe. What does this mean? It means the mobile security apps market is going to see a lot of action in the coming years.

While this list is not exhaustive in any way, there is more to the mobile app development market that meets the eye. To understand how your organization can make the most of this growing market, rely on experts in the industry to see you through. RailsFactory and its team have excellent experience in mobile app development plus they have a terrific sales and support team. Get in touch with them to know the way ahead for your organization if you are planning to develop a mobile app which is future ready!

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