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Manual Testing is an Art

If you think Manual Testing can be done by anyone, think again. In truth, manual testing can be successfully performed only by professionals – the Software Testers. You see, Software Testing is not just a process that follows sequential steps. It’s an Art that requires many hard and soft skills and most importantly needs immense patience.

manual-testing-vs-automation-testingMany people consider Software Testing a relaxed, boring job but in truth, it needs a wide range of skills and qualities such as desire, inspiration, observation, logical reasoning, communication, debating and of course the ability to foresee future issues. A manual tester will discover the bug with respect to the client’s requirement and customer satisfaction. Not everyone can be Ravi Varma.

It may also be pointed out here that development and testing are completely different things. If you are decent at developing a software, it doesn’t mean that you can become a decent tester. In other words, if you are a tester, it doesn’t mean you can’t become a software developer. Each discipline requires its own set of skills and strengths.

When it comes to testing, Automation and Manual testing are two different styles which are used to solve different problems. An automated test is best suited for Regression & Repetitive tasks, whereas manual testing is fit for Exploratory tests, Usability related tests, UI responsiveness, etc.

When a tester becomes an automation expert, he focuses more on executing/completing the script and becomes a partial developer and consequently, his way of thinking will differ. In the gaming industry, testing is hard to automate.

Manual testing is very flexible and helpful to your out of the box testing ideas, you can get to work right away and implement your testing scenario without having to deal with a lot of automation scripts. When faster delivery is required for a feature depending on client’s requirements; it is always a clever idea to choose manual testers. They can smartly find the corner cases.

One common misconception that organisations fall prey to is that “Software testing is a cost-centre and not a profit-centre”. In reality, however, a company cannot rely only on Automation testing for anticipating a product/project with quality results. Typically, companies use Automation Testing for regression testing. Since 100% automation is not possible, manual testing is essential. As per an IT company’s general recommendation, a 50% effort in Manual testing yields high success rate.


By: Arrvind Balasubramanian


Arrvind is the lead quality specialist at RailsFactory and is an expert in testing. He lives in Chennai, and in his spare time, he is a master of disguise (loves to don get-ups).

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