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Here’s How You Build a Successful Mobile App

The app economy is thriving with an estimated annual revenue of $37 billion and over a million apps across app stores. But in this crowded space, how many apps are getting noticed and ultimately making money?

One in four downloaded mobile apps is never used and discarded, according to a study by Localytics. On an average, people use nine apps in a day. So, if you are building a mobile app, how do you ensure your app finds a place among the top eight apps that most users use?

how-you-build-a-successful-mobile-appHere are some tips to set you on the right path.

Find your niche

Your app should be a one-in-a-million idea that solves a problem, or it should improve on the original app (one, which solved a challenge first!). Your app need not be all about solving issues, it could be fun as well (think of music or entertainment apps) or it could cater to the social causes. Bottom line: Research the market and find your niche.

Know your target audience

After figuring out what you wish to build, you need to delve a bit deeper into the needs of your target market.If you plan to generate revenue from your app, ask your target audience these questions:

  • Are they willing to pay for it?
  • Would they make in-app purchases?
  • What similar products do they use now?
  • Why wouldn’t they leave their current app and switch to yours?

Answers to these questions will give you lots of insights to create the right functionalities for your app.

Design it well

The design can build or destroy your app. You must keep in mind the prevailing design standards of various platforms; colours, icon designs, headers, buttons, all play an important role. Even though you are creating a responsive app for mobiles, it is always preferable to make them functional across various devices.

User experience

Now, this aspect is also essential. Your app might boast of the greatest design in the world, but if it doesn’t give users what they want, it’s of no use. Think of easy navigation, searchable options, easy login-logout. Ensure your app is prepared to handle human mistakes and doesn’t require users to memorize a lot of information before completing a task. Last, but not the least, keep it finger-friendly!


Now is the time to develop your app. This is the part where you will begin the coding to build the actual app. You must always create prototypes to secure an easy approval (if you’re making it for a client). You can also link your app to the backend cloud storage, add web services, and integrate with payment gateways, social sites, and third-party applications. Ensure that servers, databases, APIs, and other elements are set-up properly for a smooth functioning of the app.


Here comes the crucial part. Before the launch, it’s always acceptable to subject your app to the final rounds of Unit testing, QC testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Use a simulator to fix bugs and test the app for any errors before it’s pushed out into the play store. There are various tools available in the market to test the mobile apps.

Get the word out

After you post your app in the play store, it’s time to get the word out. In an overcrowded market, it’s a challenge for the users to download your app. Start spreading the word through your friends, acquaintances, and ask them to invite other users to use the app. Gradually, reach out to other channels, social media, or influencers to market your app.

No app is ever perfect on the first go; you need to keep listening to the feedback and innovating. Keep adding new features based on the current trends to keep your app updated and ahead of the competition. Download your competitors’ app to gather insights as to what they are doing right and where do you need to improve. Also, ensure making changes each year when there are updates to the operating systems.

Creating a successful app isn’t easy, but if you follow the above steps, you’ll be on your way to app store stardom.

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