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How Searchable is Your Mobile App?

You’ve spent a great deal of effort, thought, time and resources — and your app (read: baby because it kinda feels that way) is finally launched. Congratulations!

The next question now is: how searchable is your app, because let’s face it — it’s easy to get lost in the competition. Will people actively go looking for your app on the app store? If they don’t, what are the ways that you can let them know that it exists? In this blog, we find answers to these questions.

how-searchable-is-your-mobile-appBe found in Search ads: App Indexing

App Indexing is one of the most fundamental steps to making your app searchable. What it basically does is make your app enlisted in search results with an “Install” button when users search for something. If users click on that result, they are redirected to the respective app store (Android/iOS) or to the app, if it is already present on the device. Properly indexing your content not only increases installs volume but also reminds and retains old users.

App Campaigns

Mobile apps have to be searchable for both: users who don’t have your app installed, and users who have it because we often download apps, use it and then forget about it. People have a tendency to search a thing they’re looking for, say, “swimming goggles” on the Internet, while forgetting that an app they have may already be selling swimming goggles.

Mobile app engagement ads prevent your users from going astray and encourage them to try your app again for a specific need. Another way to do this is by embedding deep links to your ads as these links connect to the most relevant parts of your app. A deep link would bring the user directly to listings of swimming goggles inside the app.

Universal App campaigns, on the other hand, are for increasing an app’s visibility in general and incentivizing people to download it. Such campaigns are a fast and easy method to promote your app across all of Google’s ad properties.

Understand your consumers ‘App’etite

Apps have become a daily item of consumption, with different apps being consumed at different times of the day. It starts from the moment we get up, sometimes even before the first sip of coffee hits the tongue. From planning to shopping to navigating — apps are our go-to thing in the ‘moments of need’.

For marketers, mobile apps are an advertising tool to augment the brand’s offline shopping experience and forge deeper relationships with customers. However, that happens only when you’re able to engage them beyond the first use. Apps that serve a specific purpose — say, enlist deals and coupons while shopping in a retail store, or lets them scan products for additional information — will be perceived as more ‘valuable’ by consumers.

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