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How To Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer in 2020

Despite the idea that RoR is here to stay, there has been some advancements in the web application development for some time. Some tough competition has been coming up from other frameworks such as Node.js and Python Django/Flask. However, there is no denying the fact that Ruby has a stronger community and powerful features.

Ruby on Rails developers

With Ruby becoming a major part of technology stacks, hiring dedicated developers for building applications can get a bit difficult. Following are a few tips which might help you stand out in a crowded market and help you in hiring a Ruby on Rails developer.

Where to look for Ruby on Rails developers?

Some companies find it hard to get dedicated developers to build applications for them. You can definitely get a few through online websites, but there would be other options as well.

Assess and look for network connections: One of the best methods of finding a RoR developer is to look at your own network of people. Most likely, someone would be able to point you in the right direction. Network being the easy method of scouting developers, people who know you and understand what you are trying to find are going to have the best leads.

Some professional websites like LinkedIn will let you search for rails developers in your network. However, don’t stop with these connections yet, spread the word to family, friends and even alumni networks.

Ruby on Rails agencies: Staffing agencies are another hotspot of finding developers. They are a great way of getting your foot in the door with some potential hires. A lot of people have been building a reputation in the community as Ruby on Rails Consulting providers. This is an amazing way to attract the best talent in the market due to their statuses and have a name to protect while delivering work to the clients.

Ruby on Rails job boards: Every programming language comes up with its community. The community serves as a foundation for getting all the latest updates about the programming language. Some job boards like Rails Jobs, RubyNow, Ruby on Rails Jobs, are known to be few favourite destination of outsourcing companies for developers.

Attend events: As developers need to know who they are working with, connecting with them through events, seminars, MeetUps, conferences and other networking events is a great way of finding top quality candidates. The benefit of meeting someone in person is that you can get a quick glance of whether or not they will be fit for the organization. Plus, attending these events displays your interest and commitment, which is important for the developers.

Directly reach out to RoR companies: This is one of the subtle ways of finding an individual developer or a team. Few companies such as RailsFactory are top places to hire developers for all your project needs.

Skills to look for in a Developer

Once you find the developer for your work, you will need to assess in order to find the best fit for your organization. Here are a few tips to give you a head start:

Ruby on Rails skills: It is important that your ideal candidate should be a master of his trade. MVC Framework, ActiveRecord, REST API are few expertise one needs to look at the potential candidate before you finish hiring ruby on rails developer process.

Front end development skills: While working on ROR, you are going to write HTML, CSS and JavaScripts. Without them, the RoR developer won’t be able to perform better. SOm it is necessary to make sure the ideal candidate has impeccable HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge.

Database Skills: In the case of ruby on rails, the key databases are SQL and PostgreSQL/MYSQL. An ideal developer needs to have some sort of SQL knowledge for handling any downfalls and need to know the logs well and concisely.

Testing and validation skills: Before launching of any application in real-time, it should pass the regress testing. If the developer fails to test the end product, then their whole work doesn’t hold much significance. Make sure the developers know how to run test cases with dummy data to mimic the actual workflow and identify the loopholes. Few testing tools like RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber and etc. can also provide a clear picture on testing.

Check out the code: If you are a non-technical person, get someone to have a look at the candidate’s coding expertise. Every developer have a GitHub profile or any similar technical profile to look for their works. Even if you are not super technical, this should give you an idea about the kind of experience they have.

Tools handling skills: Website development is not an easy task to do. It demands a lot of resources, skill set and the right type of tools to build a successful app. Make sure your ideal candidate is well versed in tools such as Git for code management, Trello/Asana/Pivotal for project and ticket management, Docker, Cl, and Heroku for basic deployment. The knowledge of these tools would help him leverage the development process.

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