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Google’s Flutter is in Beta now.

google-flutter-beta-launcedGoogle’s beta version of Flutter is out. If you’re not living under a rock, you’d know that the whole idea behind launching Flutter is that of a framework, which simplifies the building of apps conforming to Google’s design guidelines. Google is hoping more developers will join the fray to use its other services – classic mindset companies have for providing free or subsidized development tools.

google-flutter-is-in-beta-nowAnyways, for starters, Flutter is a new mobile UI framework which was announced last year and was finally unveiled at the Mobile World Congress last week. It allows developers to build high-quality native interfaces for Android and iOS apps at a faster rate.

A release from Google’s developer blog explains it all:

“Designed for both new and experienced mobile developers, Flutter can help you build beautiful and successful apps in record time with benefits such as:

  • High-velocity development with features like stateful Hot Reload, a new reactive framework, rich widget set, and integrated tooling.
  • Expressive and flexible designs with composible widget sets, rich animation libraries, and layered, extensible architecture.
  • High-quality experiences across devices and platforms with our portable, GPU-accelerated renderer and high-performance, native ARM code runtime, and platform interop.”

Sources reveal that plans are to release beta versions of Flutter every month so developers can keep testing it. Google is already using Flutter for its AdWords platform UI, and Google says there are already hundreds of Flutter apps in the Android and iOS app stores. The company points to the most popular example – Hamilton, the musical app (both, iOS/Android).

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