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On July 6, 2016, Niantic gave to the world an app that was shaping the future of the world of apps. The app we are talking about is none other than Pokémon Go! This free to play location-based augmented reality game took the world by storm and has been downloaded 750 million times in a span of 1 year of its launch. Not even the developers of Pokémon Go knew at that time that they were building the future of mobile applications with this game. This switch from science fiction to practical reality has massively enhanced since the launch of the Apple AR Kit. Also taking the Augmented Reality experience to the next level is iOS 11, the features of which allow AR based apps to give a better experience to users. Augmented Reality apps recreate the world around us by displaying information overlays and content tied to physical objects with the help of the phone camera.

future-of-apps-is-augmented-realityTo make the most of this boost to the whole augmented reality experience in smartphones, organizations such as Amazon have pioneered the AG scene and come up with offerings to make the most of the rush. The latest augmented reality offering being ‘AR View’. Available for iPhone users with iOS 11, AR View helps users figure how products will look like in their homes before buying them. With hundreds and thousands of items available for selection including kitchen appliances, furniture, fixtures and show pieces – Amazon AR View uses the phone camera to create 3D images of items and overlays them on the screen.

Other organizations that are betting big on augmented reality apps include the likes of Ikea, Eye maps, Wayfair, Google AR Core, Gadget Flow and many others which have plans for augmented reality apps for their offerings.

Augmented reality has a bright future and has the capability to change the world as we see it. From marketing to social media, from gaming to real estate, the potential of augmented reality is huge.

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