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Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014

Employee Engagement – Celebrations at RailsFactory

Employee Engagement – Our View:

RailsFactory firmly believes employee engagement is critical to organizational success. Human Resource Team, Management Team, Admin Team and the team with representatives from employees working towards the employee engagement goals are always creative. As a Team, in all the employee relationship building activities that happened/happening in RailsFactory is on to bolster employee engagement  and the key was to treat employees as equals, as peers and as friends.

Employee Engagement – Our Approach:

RailsFactory since its inception celebrates most of the festivals in the company premises. We sincerely respect all the religious customs and sentiments behind the festivals. HR team in accustom with diversified indian/global culture makes all necessary arrangements and employee engagement activities during the occasions. Fun activities, games, feast,  engaging families, corporate gifts, team outing etc are all part of the different occasions being celebrated in RailsFactory.

Employee Engagement – Year End Celebrations:

In RailsFactory, the year end weeks on December month leading up to Christmas, and those first few days in the New Year (January), are considered an important period for employee engagement. As a company we believe, this is one of the best periods to say “Thanks” to our employees and clients so to celebrate Christmas with happiness and welcome the New Year in style. RailsFactory not only considers the act of saying “Thank You” as very important but ensures to deliver the message in a way that maximises the motivational, engagement or performance among the team.
Employee Engagement - Christmas - RF

Christmas Celebration @ RailsFactory:

The fun time is at office yesterday evening too. Nevertheless its celebrations time, say “Thanks” for all the great things we accomplished in 2014 and getting refreshed to welcome 2015 for more success in professional and personal life. Our HR and Support Team made nice arrangements this year also and here are few snaps of the fun time:

Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014

Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014 Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014

Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014 Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014

Employee Engagement - Christmas 2014

What our Employees Says:

Madhu [Senior Business Analyst]:  “It was a fun filled evening at Sedin full of Christmas celebrations… It all started with amazing and thrilling games which brought the smiles in everyone’s faces and a very good opportunity to mingle and interact with each other. Then came the individual team’s Santa decorated by co-employees which brought in each one’s creativity. The four Santa’s looked amazing and impressed the audience.Last but not the least came the Real Santa who is the crowd puller dressed up in typical Santa’s costume with gifts and chocolates grabbed the attention of each and every one in the crowd.Adding to the enjoyment the music started which made every one came out of their shoes and start dancing along with Santa.  Santa did a spectacular performance  by dancing along with all people and and distributed chocolates and Christmas caps. Finally we all took the group snap along with Santa which will last long in everyone’s memories…Its FUN…FUN…FUN….Great Evening…

Sriram [Senior QA]: “….We celebrated our Christmas party yesterday with a Santa Claus in our office premises. We had a great time with all our fellow employees participated in various competitions organized by our HR department as a part of Christmas day celebration.Between the competitions, Santa arrived and distributed chocolates to each and every one. We performed with Santa Claus for a song, it was an amazing experience. All the employees enjoyed each and every bit of the event by cheering and roaring.At the end of the event, results were announced and Santa distributed prizes to the winning team. We had a photo shoot with the Santa Claus which ends our 2014 Christmas celebration.It was an amazing and unforgettable Christmas party we ever had….”

Suriya [Senior System Admin]: “…We had a Christmas celebration and some interesting  events in our office yesterday. Its FUN and the event gives us lot of happiness and cheer in work space. Our Manager Shiv dressed up as Santa and give chocolates and gifts for all…. all friends joined in a dance and enjoyed a load….Thanks for this Christmas celebration party….”

Merry and Happy Christmas !!!

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