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Dhanuja – Personification of Loyalty & Hard Work

RailsFactory  Star Employees Blog Series

We often talk about how businesses succeed because of our people, but we seldom give an open recognition to those employees who’ve been with us, the longest. In a series of posts, we will get to know the solid pillars behind the success of our business – our longest serving employees and how they have enriched our business.

dhanuja-railsfactory-sedin-technologiesToday, we’d like to introduce all of you to Dhanuja – technical architect and one of our longest-serving employees. Dhanuja is a major driving force behind solving many of the coding challenges. We spoke at length with her on her journey with RailsFactory, challenges along the way, and learning. Read on…

1. Tell us about your association with RailsFactory. How did it happen?

Initially, I was skeptical of pursuing an IT job as my parents did not want me to put in long hours and come home late. My friends who were in IT were spending long hours in the office. I completed M.Sc. in Computer Science after B. Sc. and was trying out for bank jobs. But there were transfer & initial training issues with a couple of offers that I got with banks, requiring me to relocate to North India. I wasn’t comfortable with that.

Dinesh, the co-founder of RailsFactory, was my classmate; we did our B.Sc. together. He came to my college one day and offered me an opportunity to come and work with RailsFactory on Ruby on Rails, which was a new technology at that time. He also offered me an opportunity to work from home. I loved the fact that even the CEO was comfortable with the idea.

So, I jumped at the opportunity. RailsFactory was small then and I became the 13th employee. I’ve now spent more than a decade here already. That’s how my journey started.

2. You’ve never let your disability come in the way of work. So, how did you build your resilience?

Well, I’m grateful to my friends and family who supported me a lot and gave me the inner strength to overcome all odds. Credit also goes to my clients, who never differentiated me from anyone because of my disability and continued to have faith in my work. The environment here never let me feel like I’m disabled, and even the thought of taking advantage for this never crossed my mind.

3. What’re the typical challenges you’ve faced at work because of it?

I’ve never faced any challenges at work because of my disability.

4. What’s your designation here now?

Technical Architect is my designation, but I do development and also manage the whole team.

5. Why do you love working with RailsFactory?

A friendly environment has always been a key factor for my long association with RailsFactory. Management cares a lot about employees and also supports us in every learning and career growth endeavor.  Best team members and great clients are other pluses.

6. How do you define your leadership style?

I believe in walking the talk – doing things myself so that others can follow. I also believe in equality and approachability. Anyone can come and share their problems with me. At the same time, I also approach my team to clarify doubts. I also take suggestions from my team members and add them to email conversations with clients to foster an open environment. Credit for the project’s success goes to my entire team; I don’t believe in taking credits only for myself. That’s my style.

7. What are your hobbies and interests?

Aptitude and puzzle solving, reading story books, watching TV, indoor games.  I really love playing computer games, be it mobile or on the PC.

8. So, you’ve always been drawn to computers?

Yes, since I was in school, I was always glued to the system. Although, I do read books also in my pastime. Yes, playing on computers have always been my favorite.

9. In your 11 years at RailsFactory, can you recount any memorable moments?

Each day is memorable for me. I especially enjoy the company anniversaries that are always dear to me. I also enjoy the festival celebration times.

10. You’ve often stayed back late nights for projects?

Yes, for me, work always comes first. Most of the time I work till 2 or 3 am. There’re some instances when I stayed back till early morning to meet client deadlines.

11. Do you stay back when your team is also putting in late hours?

Yes, I see to it that most of the time I stay back when any of my team members are working on projects. I also ensure that I’m available for them online for any help. This is something, I feel, all the managers should do.

12. What do you think about Dinesh,  the co-founder?

We are very good friends. I can’t imagine what I would have been doing if he hadn’t given me the opportunity that time. I respect him for that. Friendship is important to me. Friends are always there to motivate me in troubled times.

13. Who do you look up to in your life – leaders, authors or someone from your personal life?

My father has always inspired me. His dedication and sincerity toward his work always motivated me to work harder and instilled a feeling of professionalism in me.

At my workplace, I admire Mr. Kishore Kumar (Sr. Consultant & Delivery Manager) for his team-leading & project management skills.


That was Dhanuja for you. We hope you got to know her better. Keep watching this space until we come back next time with one of our other superstars.

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This interview has been edited for clarity.

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