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Celebrations Galore as we step into the 6th Year !

Celebrations Galore as we step into the 6th Year !

Come August 6 we at Railsfactory step into the sixth year we are growing stronger and larger by all means! Year 5 had been an exciting year for us in touching the magical 100 employee strength, creating centers of core competence across various domains, spurning newer product development initiatives, incorporating a foreign entity and larger involvement in community driven events. The year has gone by made us realise we live in exciting times!

The Inception of Railsfactory happened way back in 2006 by Senthil Nayagam and Dinesh Kumar, who play tirelessly serving at the helm of affairs wiring the corporate DNA, thought-leadership of Railsfactory and driving the business value for startups and customers across the world. As we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we extend a special dedication to all who contributed to our business and loyalty over the past 5 years. We look forward to continuing the journey with you over the years to come.

As we usher into the sixth year, we promise that it will be even more eventful with greater vibrant plans for our employees, our customers, our partners and our associates in this year. We have a fair idea where we want to be in the coming years, and we will take this week to discuss with our team on aligning personal growth with that of organizational direction thereby creating the stepping stones greater harmony at work.владимир мунтян пасторпаста для профессиональной чистки зубовмунтян пасторukladka-parketa.comhow to advertise on youtubeeng to french dictionary

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