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Attending RailsConf 2008

Attending RailsConf 2008

I am in the US now, have come here for RailsConf.

The thing which brings me here is meeting the community people, developers, clients, and networking.

This year is going to be a turning point Rails 2 adoption has picked up and so is competition from merb, but what is turning out is new ruby distributions jRuby, Rubinious, Ruby Enterprise (launched this Railsconf) and Rails runner (thin, ebb, passenger aka mod_rails).

Want to meet me on railsconf text me/ call me on +1 415 490 8700 or email me at: senthil@railsfactory.org

Will be updating which sessions I plan to attend.проверить тиц и пр сайталобановский харьковcorrect english to french translationseo для сайтараскрутки сайтов

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