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5 biggest reasons why you need RoR for your startup

Rails might not be the sharpest pencil in the box of web frameworks in terms of market value, but it is always in the list of top, best, and popular backend frameworks of the web development ecosystem. Ruby on rails has a different story altogether. Known for its ability to speed up the development process, the RoR framework can help businesses to reduce costs and improve their time-to-market.

5 biggest reasons why you need RoR for your startup

Read on to find out what makes this gem full of life and easier for startups to hire RoR developers!

Why You Need RoR for Your Startup?

For startups, Ruby on Rails is not a one advantage wonder web development framework. What makes it apart is its constant support for the agile approach, user-friendliness, effective development time, super fast deployment, and much more. Users can use features such as pricing formulas and image resizing to personalize photo uploads and product descriptions.

Powerful community: Ruby on rails is bit different as compared to other open-source technologies. It uses open source code and belongs to an open source community. Fixing bugs in record time in long drawn complex projects and the addition of new libraries are few plus points among many other benefits one can get from the developer community of RoR. 

Agile first approach: Agile approach has always been the predominant oath of the RoR community since its inception. Creating new products and releasing it through repetition has many benefits:

  • Quicker responses to user’s feedback
  • Stable rise in RoI
  • Focus on a few distinct groups using applicable features

High-speed development with easy maintenance: Incorporated with innumerable features, capability to built new libraries and features are few points that sets Ruby on Rails apart from other web frameworks in the world of web development. What’s more, it has the best of the Ruby gems collector and specialist engineers working on various projects. Plus, Ruby can be modified minus any restriction on the code. 

Apt for the Content Management System (CMS): A content management system consists of three features such as intuitive interface, simple navigation and smooth platform to upload the files, content and images. Ruby has it all. Plus, Ruby on Rails can build new systems which are suitable for content companies, publications and media houses, as it perfectly answers to the rising demands of the revision, reviews, storage and publications. It has an SEO tool to improve search engine rankings. To add it up, Rails is the mature tech perfectly suitable for agile software development. 

Developer Friendly: Ruby on Rails is not rocket science. It can be used easily and widely. Startup founders can learn to code and build products with ease and convenience. They don’t need to rely on others to do that which in turn saves money and time. Any individual with a flair of technical knowledge can work on learning to code and use the framework effortlessly. RoR uses simple english language and is easier to learn and grapple its numerous features. It is easier to read Ruby code as comparable to other programming languages. This also helps the developers in saving a lot of time as they don’t have to comment on every line of the code.

 What’s in the future?

As it is evident, the framework has no plans of slowing down, in fact it is rising its popularity in the startup market. It is very strong in demand among the mobile start up marketplace comprising of medicine, eCommerce and finance. Job opportunities are also growing up for RoR engineers since many leading companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Shopify, Kickstarter, Github, 500px, Airbnb, Hulu and others harness Ruby for their purpose.

All these makes good prerequisites for the technology to stay afloat and wanted in the upcoming years. According to many leading reports and statistics, the demand for Ruby engineers is poised to rise by almost a quarter in the next 5 years. Ruby may not overcome PHP or Python. However, its future is expected to be amazing!

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