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Learning & Unlearning — Look What a Long Way We Have Come

10-years of AWS Meetup  

At a time when the word “cloud” stirred up the thoughts of rain and hot tea, we had our first AWS — Amazon Web Services meet-up at the RailsFactory Jafferkhanpet office. Our company was still in its infant years but led by the vision of our top management, our bets were hedged on the fact that cloud was going to be the next big thing. So, we had to be prepared.

10-years-of-amazon-web-services-at-railsfactoryAWS is extremely popular now, but at that time hardly anyone knew that computing and backend infrastructure could be “retailed” out. Organisations relied on their own data centres and huge computers for managing data and cloud was just a fashionable term, not quite “real”. Amazon changed that by popularizing the cloud through AWS.

At the meetup, the programme was set. Top executives and IT entrepreneurs arrived. The exchange of ideas began. Jinesh Varia, the AWS evangelist arrived and swept everyone with how AWS can help their organisations forget about infrastructure hassles and focus on better applications and improved customer experience while reducing costs. The power packed session was a breeding ground of sorts — highly qualified experts pouring in their knowledge and experience towards what would be the future of cloud computing.

… And this was just the first of many meetups, training sessions and un-conferences that we have been doing so far— intense, all meat no fluff boot camps meant for our evolution as technologies mature and metamorphose. The attitude to unlearn is just as important as learning new ideas to emerge and innovative ways of doing things. As we complete a decade since that first AWS meetup was held at the RailsFactory office in Chennai, we are poised with fresh energy to provide solutions that truly matter and add value in the years to come.

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