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Mobile Apps: Maintenance Is The Key To Your Organizations Success

Consider you buy a new car, it looks great and shiny from the outside, drives great, and the interiors are neat and clean. You drive around for 2-3 years, now the car has got old. It has dents and scratches outside, doesn’t ride as smooth as before and the interiors of the car are dirty and dusty. Will it give you the same satisfaction? The obvious answer here is ‘No’. So what is the difference in your car then and your car now? It’s the maintenance, had you been regularly servicing your car and maintaining it – the car would have given you a much more satisfying experience. Same is the case with apps.

mobile-app-maintenanceAn app no matter how good it may be at launch would lose its sheen and popularity if you don’t provide it with maintenance, upgrades, and fixes. The application doesn’t work on ‘develop and forget’ rule – regular follow ups and maintaining is necessary for its upkeep.

There are many reasons why maintenance of the application matters, some of them are:

OS Version: New operating systems are launched often and we need to be upgraded to it (iOS 11, Android Naugat and Oreo to name a few). Your app needs to be functional on the new OS.

Programming: Apps need to be updated based on changes to the programming language, example: Objective C to Swift

Talent or Manpower: There should talent and manpower available who can help in upgrading apps to the newer versions. Typically people who are accustomed to working on newer versions of apps seldom enjoy on older ones.

Hardware Upgrade: As new and new devices are launched, out dated apps become unresponsive and don’t work as expected.

Security: Bugs and security holes can attack anytime. For minimising the impact of new vulnerabilities, app upgrades are a must.

UI Refresh: Over the months and years in the lifecycle of an app, the user base matures. A new UI refresh is needed to reflect the changes.

These are just a few reasons why an app needs to be upgraded regularly and this is not at all an exhaustive list. While the frequency of upgrades is also not fixed or standardized, it is important to keep the app updated due to preventive maintenance and reactive changes.

Maintenance of apps is about keeping the app bug free and updated. It is important to incorporate changes in the app based on the suggestions and feedback of your customers. Keeping in mind the ever evolving nature of apps, maintenance is a never ending process.

Also, Apple and Google reward apps that are frequently updated by increasing their ranking in searches in the respective app stores. This leads to more downloads and in turn higher revenue. Hence, app maintenance is the key to your organization’s success!

We have experienced this first hand in some of the apps that we developed at RailsFactory. Today, we ensure that all apps we develop have a systematic and planned upgrade cycle so that the user never feels he is using an outdated app and the user experience never goes down. If you feel your organization can benefit from our expertise in the app development space, reach out to us. We have a fantastic support team at https://www.railsfactory.com/contact_us

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