Quitters Don’t Win!

This week there is lot of storm and blog articles on CDBaby switching to PHP story.

CDBaby was one of the initial poster child and got more attention than it probably it  deserved due to being a pioneering project. It is clients’ prerogative to change their mind on which technology to use or which projects to scrap.

I am not going to raise any issue about capability of the developer, I know Jeremy Kempers contribution to Rails.

Anybody who has worked in software industry knows the reasons for project failures. Rails have come a long way in last 2 years.

Rails has made a huge difference in how web applications are built, it has taken the drudge out of coding.

There are two eras in web development, one pre-rails and post rails. Ruby on Rails is one of the most influential development idea in recent times, there are more language ports (cakephp/grails) and inspired frameworks, and has influenced the developer expectations to a new high from development tools and frameworks.

But at RailsFactory we are a firm believer in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, we are yet to face a problem which we could not have been able to solve.

If your Rails project is troubled, please contact us railsfactory@gmail.com. Let us discuss on how to bring your project back on track.

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