Happy Customers – Key Component for an Organization’s Growth!

Customers are the greatest asset of any company. Without customers, you don’t have a business! Success of a company revolves around the client.

Happy Customers of RailsFactory

RailsFactory, over the past 6 years has been constantly focusing on its customer satisfaction. And in the last 2 years there has been a significant increase of satisfied customers. The mantra that helps RailsFactory to achieve this is by sharing the common vision and accountability with the client to ensure his success. Majority of RailsFactory’s Clients are referred by the satisfied customers.

Generally, in software industry where virtually every product, deliverables and services can be commercialized, the real challenge is how good the company understands the business needs and cares for its customers to differentiate from the competition.

These last 2 months have been an exciting journey where more than a dozen of clients were visiting our Development Hub to interact with the team. And all existing clients have appreciated the

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RailsFactory team for contributing to their business success. Customer appreciation and support proves that RF is one of the best Solution Providers in the industry.

If Customers are growing, so is your business!

Following up on the commitments, promptly returning the phone calls and making the client understand that you appreciate the business will certainly make the Customers happy.

“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.” – Anonymous

Optimism and enthusiasm is exactly what you need when dealing with clients. If you want to add more Clients to your existing list, then do not hesitate to go an extra mile by increasing the performance and fine tuning the quality of the product. Exceeding their expectation, shows your involvement in the project, and eventually leads to Client appreciation and trust.

Last, but not least!

Customer confidence with exceptional customer care would be the secret sauce to success for retaining the Customer. Staying in touch with customers, showing that you truly care and have their best interests in mind, ensuring that you provide customers with the best solution for their circumstances and following-up, will differentiate your business from others.

The Importance of Quality Management

Quality means – Attribute – Grade – Property

Quality – the single term can have different interpretations depending on the places used. For Bankers it is “Service, Hotel/Restaurant it is “Customer Satisfaction” and for Software/IT industry it is “Quality Product”.

The features/characteristics of a product/service have the ability to cater different purposes.

Quality Management

Quality Management ensures that the Product/Service is planned, designed and delivered to meet the Customer’s requirements.

For this purpose of quality check, we need to follow certain set of procedures:

  • To deliver accurate solution, various checklists must be made to manage the Internal Process.
  • Checklist must be verified for completed tasks and expected results.
  • Project standards and Metrics should be identified.
  • Reporting Standards must be established to verify quality measurements on a periodic basis, to check whether quality outcomes are being met and the quality trends are in control.

Benefits of Having Quality Management Group in Software Company:

Customer Satisfaction

A complete implementation of a Quality Management System will ensure that the customer is satisfied not just by meeting their requirements but exceed their expectations. When we provide a quality product or quality service to a customer, it is not only a business but it is also important to maintain a good relationship with customers.

Detection in Development Stage

It allows companies to detect any defects during the developmental stage and remove them before delivering to the customer. Quality should be eventually mingled with the processes and should not be brought just into the final product. This will readily help in reducing the failures in early stages and prove to be successful in the market. It is set up to prevent or greatly reduce defects/errors.

Detection in Service Industry

Quality control or feedback surveys can be distributed to customers, to monitor satisfaction level. Businesses can take this information and improve (or maintain) their customer service efforts. Companies need to continually gather information by means of focus group, market surveys, and customer interview in order to stay in tune what customers want.

Transparent System

This system allows in identifying, managing and controlling non-conformities. Every business has documented procedures for dealing with actual and potential non-conformances (problems involving suppliers, customers or internal problems). Having the proper documentation from beginning to end ensures consistency in producing good quality products and services. It is equally beneficial when job knowledge and adequate training provide the basis for consistency. There becomes little or no rework because of defects/errors that could have been prevented by following proper procedures.

Create Workflows

Creating Workflows ensure that proper planning is done. This planning eventually leads for the processes to be split up between the right persons at the right time. Hence, product life cycle can be reduced and productivity will therefore be increased.

Reduce Rework

Following the planned procedure, right from the beginning, time wasted for rework can be greatly minimized. Also the manpower usage for the rework can be eliminated. This leads to increased productivity, and saves the cost on rework, increasing the revenue.

Effective Monitoring

To determine if the quality process is being managed effectively and being followed efficiently, regular

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performance review can be done through internal audits and meetings. The meetings can deal with present and past problems, records the activities, resulting decisions and thus monitors the effectiveness of the meeting, thereby proving to be an efficient operation.

Increases Market Base

Increase in the market base of an Organization, hugely depends on the demand for the product. If the product/service has more demands, the demand for the development of the product/service will in turn be increased. So it is important to work towards the demand of the product/service.

Brand Loyalty

Every Organization must be loyal to its Customers, by ensuring the quality of the product and by building a loyal relationship with the Customers. This will in turn bring in more customers, increasing the sales and enhance the branding. Branding is what serves as a great identification to the organization.

Employee morale

A company which is trying to improve its quality demands the same level of improvement from all its inputs. Workers motivated by the company welfare, responsibility and leadership will have a high morale on achieving a good amount of quality improvement.

Improves Productivity

Quality gives the value to your product or service, which will make it sustainable in the competing market. Being a quality product generates more revenue, which will reflect on the employer productivity. Achieving and maintaining quality allows for continual improvement and profit generation.

Cost Reduction

Reduced or less rework, and fewer mistakes, actually reduces the cost of product development and marketing. A more efficient organization will make fewer mistakes, creating lesser delays. Thus there is less loss on capital and opportunity cost, paving way for a considerable increase in profit.


Quality Management ensures that your customer’s always receive the product that exceeds their expectation and decreases the time to market. This also helps in promoting international trade and enhancing marketing. Also, the organization’s management becomes more aware of an individual’s work environment.

Implementation of the Quality Management in a Product Lifecycle will actually deal with the root cause of the problems, by decreasing rework, manpower usage, and increasing productivity, process improvement, providing better Customer Satisfaction and thus retaining the customer’s in the existing competitive market.