LaunchPad – HumAura – iPhone App Development

Sharing the content is always exciting. In the social media world every individual is a great source of unique information and the individual always wants to share with their friends circle on what he/she finds interesting. In these kind of sharing there is always been a good chance that the readers/viewers get unique information which normally is not available in the regular information sources on the web.

The content can very well be a source of “Knowledge” and the “Knowledge” can act as a tool for “Networking” with the people of same wavelength. Social media is very huge however the availability of focused target user group platforms offering various avenues or categories of information is very skinny. One such platform is HumAura.

HumAura - iPhone App Development

HumAura is a knowledge network portal for the Indian community residing in North America. It is a confluence of Desi minds and provides a platform for shared wisdom and collaboration. Members can share:

1) Knowledge items such as News, articles and videos.

2) Reviews on restaurants, services and movies.

3) Events of interest.

4) Obtain answers and share knowledge by answering questions posed by others.

After successful deployment of HumAura web application, the client’s strategy is to develop an iPhone Application for their product. As everybody agrees iPhone apps come in many varieties, different shapes and colours, informational purpose, useful information, social, fun – there’s something unique for every app user. HumAura wants to take the advantage of wide base of iPhone users and partner up with RailsFactory for iPhone App Development.

RailsFactory with its existing capabilities on iPhone App Development worked along with HumAura to develop an iPhone application, having said that with RailsFactory’s innovative design and development process, futuristic thinking and capability of delivering considerable ROI to the clients, successfully delivered the iPhone Application in the planned duration. As a part of Phase 1 iPhone App Development the entire “Review” and “Events” capabilities of HumAura are developed.

Web Application and API Development – Technology Stack:

1. Ruby version – 2.1.1

2. Rails version – 4.1.0

3. Database: postgres – 9.3

4. Elastic search for searching, listing and filtering content

5. Embedly service for getting information from third party sites(i.e Knows or news, Pictures and Video extracting information)

6. Deployed in Amazon EC2

iPhone App Development – Technology Stack:

1.  Platform: iOS Version 8.0 & Above

2. Supported Devices:iPad, iPhone,iPad Mini

3. Tool: Xcode 6.0

4. Programming Language: Objective c

5. Architectures: armv7,armv7s,arm64

iPhone App – Screenshots:

 HumAura_Home_Screen HumAura_SignupHumAura_Review_Category_Explore

Please try out the product:

Web Application:

iPhone Application:

Employee Engagement – Pongal Celebrations at RailsFactory

Festivals are fun and our country have wide varieties of celebrations on festival days. As part of employee engagement activities RailsFactory Chennai office celebrated Pongal this year also in a grand manner with traditional customs and all the festive joys. We all know that Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festivals of South India, mainly in the state Tamil Nadu. Pongal marks the auspicious beginning of Uttarayan – Sun’s journey northwards and start of “Thai” tamil month.Celebrations this year in our office included Kolam, pot decoration, theme decoration, tug of war (rope pulling) etc.


Peacock is never been so colourful & beautiful. Our office Ladies made it so cool for eyes with more colours.

Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015

Theme Decoration:

Office entrance is beautifully decorated for the great day. Again its completely a team effort who had great joy in doing this.

EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015 Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015

Ethnic Wear:

Oh, yes….its an Ethnic Wear day yesterday in Office. Our employees looks smarter in dhotis & sarees too.

EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015 Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015

Employee Engagement – Fun Starts:

Human Resource and Admin team had made excellent arrangements for the day.

EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015

Ballon Fighting:

Ballon fighting along with a partner. Its not to safeguard only your ballon, but partner’s too. With “Dothi”, its so Fun & team enjoyed a lot.

EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015 Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015

Sugarcane Eating:

Time to test the strength of Teeth. Some guys are so capable to chew and split 2 feet sugarcane in less than one minute.

EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015 Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015

Pot Colouring:

Life is colourful, festival days are more colourful and so the colouring competition was organised on the day. Our client “Paul Holladay” who came to visit us also joined the competition along with the team. Artistic and creative capabilities of the team came out very nicely as colours on the pot in less than 10 minutes.

EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015 EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015 EmployeeEngagement - Pongal 2015

Tug of War (Rope Pulling):

Its all about physical strength for both the genders. Trust me the rope went in as 2 pieces pretty soon because of the strength of our team.Great Show….

Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015 Employee Engagement - Pongal 2015

The fun time ends with distribution of sweet pongal, vadai & banana.

What our Employees Says….:

Padmashree (Senior Technical Lead) : “…..HR made great arrangements on the day….It was exhilarating as we could see a different side of all the employees and also a way to mingle with people we do not meet daily…..”

Bharani (Ruby on Rails Expert): “…All Sedinites gathered together for Pongal Celebrations yesterday and it all started with a BANG !! Games !!….Its been an excellent afternoon….felt like Home celebration….”