Employee : Social Media Policy and Best Practices!

RailsFactory Social Media Policy

This was a part of presentation deck that was delivered to new employees on the Best practices of Social media as a Policy followed by the employees in Railsfactory. As a part of their orientation program they are made aware of the do’s and don’ts at Social Media during the tenure here. Training for newly joined employees is being conducted at the new HQ of Railsfactory at Chennai. We will post pictures of the same once we complete the shifting process. As for now all of us are excited as we go to a higher trajectory putting the company at a aggressive growth curve. Day by day the office is becoming an exciting place to be with smaller tweaks and improvements that make employees comfortable. More about this soon !

In our forthcoming Post we might write a dedicated post on how Railsfactory adopted Agile for execution of shifting its operations to the Corporate Headquarters at Chennai. Right from aligning strategic vision (our requirement of growing 3X), building a priority list to being agile to change this has been a very interesting transformation for us. More in details soon.